Why did we choose education?

Education is the first thing you need after completing your Fundamental human needs. But unfortunately, it has become the fastest growing BUSINESS. We believe that Education must be free for every student, and we have taken all the steps to do so. We have to build a software that anyone can use it, but didn’t find any so we have to build one. You can use it from here. Here we have tried all our best to bring all the resources under one roof and provide it for free of cost. You can also contribute your love for education to this by donating or contributing notes, question, Test mock tests or any resources. We love to hear from you so please connect us by FB, twitter or any social media.


Why it's needed?

We have visited lots of educational website which gives educational resources. But the problem is we did not get any website where all the subjects are listed properly and free dock test can be given properly. So we have to build a software of our own. We are upgrading it every day, thats why you can get some problem for this reason. Please report any error if you have faced one. If you want anything new features from us please let us know, we would be very happy and love to hear new ideas from you.


Who are you?

We are bunch of programmer, Social Works , Teachers , and education enthusiast .

We can modify our own software because we made it from scratch, so we can change anything against using 3rd party software. Yes , we are also students and want to share what we have learned.


Why should i join?

We provide Best resources for Free. Our enthusiast contributors will create content on our software which is publicly available and accessible from anywhere in the web. And the best part we want you to participate, as you can report a question, make donation, contribution by creating question, notes and anything you like.


how did you help me with my study?

Well you will get help from real user who already have faced that problem and also recovered from it. So they know nuts and bolts of the problems and just answer you from their own experience. If you need guidance then you are in right place. Our experienced teacher will help you to solve the problems.


I want to share?

We will be more delightful if you share and help us grow. More people knew about our website is more help we will get from our contributors. So please share, share and share. We love that when you do that.


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